“Turn the other cheek”

“If someone slaps you on one cheek, turn to them the other also…”(Luke 6:29a)

This does not mean Christians are supposed to be doormats. We need to know that this is a call to great strength, not weakness.

A man of valor, of character, is being assumed here in this passage. Not a spineless, weak or cowardly man. The most amazing things Jesus did on earth were not His supernatural miracles; it was not His Godly power manifested. Although those were the signs necessary for a wicked and unbelieving generation, in the most amazing things He did were in the acts where He withheld His supernatural and Godly power. When He was mocked, he withheld. When He was spit on, He withheld. When He was whipped, He withheld. When they grabbed a handful of His beard and ripped it from His face, He withheld. When He was wrongly accused, convicted and punished by death on a cross, He withheld. He could have, with just one breath annihilated them all, He could’ve rained down fire on them like in Sodom, He could’ve sent a pack of wild bears to maul them, a plague locust to starve them, an angel army to rain terror on them, but He withheld….

Oh Lord, we pray today not for any supernatural power, but for the very natural power you displayed. Teach us your restraint, gives us the power to withhold our vengeance, impart to us your humility, give us your meekness. For we see that it was in the most ordinary ways that you acted, that your most extraordinary work and example was exhibited. By your wounds, we are healed. Man of mans, Lord of Lords, King of Kings!